Roku is Likely To Loose Fox Apps Just a Day Before Super Bowl

If you are deciding on watching Super Bowl on your Roku set-top box, you might need to reconsider your plan. Roku is pulling all the FOX apps from its platform just before the game. So well, if you were counting on some other things, better for you, but if you were focusing on FOX apps, better change your plans.

It was also reported that FOX Sports would be working hard to bring 4K HDR streaming of Super Bowl to Roku’s streaming platforms. But this became a blur when FOX Sports removed references to Roku from multiple spots on its Super Bowl website.

Well, it’s not final till when the companies will not be collaborating. Still, for the current situation, there are currently about seven FOX channels that are going to be taken out from Roku Platforms.

FOX’s Statement that clarified the situation among the two companies; FOX stated that Roku has been threatening to delete FOX applications from its customer’s devices as a naked effort to used its customers as pawns. They also said that FOX had not asked Roku to remove all these applications, and they prefer that Roku continue all those applications without any interruption. They also said Roku’s timely disruption to be a well-defined plot to fabricate crises among its customers. In addition to this, they also stated as considering the current position of FOX entertainment, it’s a big streaming network, and the customers will know where to see the application if only Roku block it. And so, it’s a tactic that is only going to affect Roku customers, especially.

Well, currently, it is not confirmed which company made the first step towards this breaking. But well, you still can see your Super Bowl on other platforms.

Channels opted Out

Well, it is also not sure if Roku will continue collaborating with FOX entertainment in the future. But either way, if you want to clarify things, here are the channels, according to Roku, that is going to disappear from the platform.

  • FOX Now
  • FOX Sports
  • FOX News
  • FOX Business
  • FOX Soccer
  • Big Ten Network
  • FOX Nation

Well, they will not just disappear. If you are still having these applications on the platform, they will stop working once the policy proceeds.

If you are still fixated on watching this Super Bowl on your Roku platform, there are still other ways to watch the game on it. A Friday blog post from Roku read that the game will be streamed free on the NFL application on your Roku platform unless the FOX entertainment blocks your ability to stream it. You can also watch the game if you have got Comcast Xfinity or Spectrum, those Roku apps should offer the FOX stream over Roku. Well, you can also sign up for other applications such as FobuTV, YouTube TV, Sling TV, or Hulu with Live TV. According to news, you might also be able to watch the game in even 4K streams on FobuTV.


Nintendo’s Launched New Animal Crossing-themed Switch

The All-New Nintendo Switch Theme

Nintendo Switch is a type of video game console developed by Nintendo. It was released on March 3, 2017, worldwide. It is a hybrid type of console that allows the user to use it as a console and a portable device. It has wireless controllers with standard buttons and joysticks for input, motion sensing, and even tactical feedback while gaming. The wireless controllers are attached to both sides of the consoles to support the handheld-style of play. In addition to the console, they also provide a grip accessory to make this console in the form of a gamepad to be used individually in hand like Wii Remote or even Nunchuk to support gaming on the big screen.

The Switch’s software supports online gaming with internet connectivity as well as local wireless ad hoc connectivity with other consoles. Nintendo Switch games and software are available on both physical flash-based ROMs cartridges and even through digital distribution via online Nintendo Market shops. The online or even offline system is available in all regions. A hand-held focused revision of the system, also called Nintendo Switch Lite, was released on September 20, 2019.

What Differentiates it with other Consoles?

The part that makes Nintendo Switch better than most gaming consoles is the fact that it can work as with a gaming console at a point and as a gamepad at another instant. Changing the setup from console to gamepad also doesn’t require too much knowledge of the device, you need to slide the wireless controllers on the side of the console, take them out and push them again in with the gamepad supporting accessory.

The fact that the games for Nintendo Switch are available on offline mode in the form of flash-based ROM cartridges and also on the online way in the Nintendo online market also makes it better than other gaming consoles.

What New in the Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo is continuously making efforts to make the device better. Well, in its latest update, Nintendo has decided to release an Animal Crossing themed Switch in the Nintendo Switch. This is in collaboration with ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons.’ The game will be made available to play on Nintendo Switch with this theme. This new theme is one of the best-looking models of Nintendo Switch. The models also have an embossed back design, which is just awesome.

Animal Crossing: New Horizon was initially decided to be released in 2019, but at E3 2019, Nintendo announced the delay in releasing because of the New themed console.

Well, if you are thinking of buying it, you should be aware that the game ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ isn’t bundled with it. And so, you will need to buy it separately like other first-party Nintendo titles. You can buy in online on any Nintendo E-Shop, or you can even buy its ROM as the offline version of the game. After the launching of the newly themed Nintendo Switch, a screen protecting cover was also launched to be bought separately. It was made in recognition with the same theme as the Nintendo Switch and will make your console look even better.


One Plus to start Supporting Wireless Charging In New Phones

One Plus Technology Corporation limited, also referred to as OnePlus is a China-based manufacturer. The company was founded in the year 2013 and served worldwide. Well, the company has its roots in leading technical fields such as in Television, Bags, Shirts, Power banks, Audio Devices, and especially in Mobile Phones. One Plus mobiles are one of the most bought mobiles in the market. With its technology and features, one plus promises to become the top mobile manufacturer in the upcoming years.

What makes One Plus phones better?

Well, in One Plus phone, you will find the features you will never be able to find in any other phone. Although they work on Android, One Plus phones promise its customers to give a better experience than in any other Android-based phone. Well, you might say that iPhones or Samsung smartphones are better, but you will reconsider your choice after reading the following points.

  • Cost of Phone

If you compare the relative features and especially the price of phones, One Plus will always top the list. The phone is equipped with features you only will find in other expensive phones but just about half the price. Some wealthy people might consider it a bad sign, but if you want to save money, I strongly recommend you to go for a One Plus phone.

  • Specification of the Phone

The most important thing to consider while buying a Phone is the speed, and the speed of the phone depends mainly on the chips used on the phone. Despite their lower price tags, OnePlus phone comes equipped with the same chipsets as those of in more expensive devices, making it faster and even cheaper option to consider. And what more, when it comes to performance, One Plus phones beat many other brands.

  • Design of the Phone

OnePlus phones are beautifully designed and modeled. Especially after the models that came following OnePlus 3, it’s hard to imagine that the phone costs thousands less than its expensive competitions. What more, the silent buttons in the iPhone, which so far, no Android device has came equipped with is one of the features in OnePlus phone modeling, making it even better than other Android Phones.

The Latest Feature

Well, OnePlus just took a big step towards supporting Wireless charging in its newer models. The feature that was lacked in OnePlus phones will now be made available in its future models. This is predicted in addition to the fact that the company was spotted joining the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), the group that handles the Qi Wireless Charging in smartphones.

Final Verdict

Although the loophole in One Plus might be the wireless charging. But if you match the statistics, even a 10W wireless charger in other expensive phones will not be able to beat the wired fast charging Warp Charge that comes with OnePlus models. The 10W charger was even said to be ‘not worth’ by Lau on the Vergecast. So, if you are thinking of changing your phone or buying a new one, I strongly recommend you consider a OnePlus phone.


World’s First 5G Tablet- Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 5G

Till the date, we were enjoying 4G network on various device and Tablet too. But this time, it’s the world’s first 5G Tablet i.e Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 5G. To rank top in the global market, the company wants to expand its network to 5G. The design and model would be the same as the existing tablet versions but differs in the network. While other companies are busy in producing various models, Samsung concentrated on 5G Connectivity. According to the latest buzz, Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 5G is listed as the coming soon gadget. But there is no official information with regards to the release or availability.

samsung Galaxy Tab S6 5G

If you have gone through the Galaxy Tab S6 model, then you can understand more about this upcoming model. In the success meet for 5G Smartphone sales, Samsung confirmed the release of 5G Tab. It would be available to consumers from Korea in the first quarter of 2020. To know more about the release date and its working, you need to wait for CES 2020. With the best display, Operating System and now 5G network added to it will give the best performance.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 5G Features

The below-listed features are the same as the previous model but differ in connectivity.

  • This gadget is available in Cloud Blue, Mountain Gray, Rose Blush clours.
  • The size of the tab is 10.5 inches from corner to corner and the resolution is 2560 X 1600.
  • It is designed with Super AMOLED which means it can detail the display to the originality.
  • Dual camera feature with 13MP and 5MP rear cameras, 8MP front camera is provided.
  • The performance of this device will be excellent because the Galaxy S6 5G tab is designed with 6GB/ 8gb RAM, 128GB or 256GB Internal Memory, Micro SD slot with 512GB External Memory.
  • Previously Qualcomm 855, Octacore processor was added to this tab and now the updated 5G version has Snapdragon X50 5G Modem.
  • Li-Ion 7.040mAh battery is provided to withstand for a day.
  • A stylus is added to this version to use the tab with ease.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 5G Release Date

As of now, there is no sufficient info about the release in the United States. People from South Korea can get this locked or unlocked Tab for $848 or more. People from different countries are looking for release globally. We will let you know when Samsung expands its Galaxy S6 5G Tab sales all over the world.

When you purchase Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, you can get 4months Ad-free Youtube premium version.


Apple to Launch Tag Trackers, Wireless Charger, iPhones and more

Apple is always ahead in the list of releasing branded gadgets every year. This year, rumours revealed that the company is working tremendously on tracking tags, wireless charger, iPhone, headphones and more. People are much familiar with its iPhone versions released by Apple.Inc. Currently, Apple is working on various new devices to launch soon. The predictions about Apple’s Upcoming products are passing from ear to ear. If it is true, we can expect multiple new devices to release in the first half of 2020.

In the list of the upcoming launch, Tag trackers, high-end headphones, wireless chargers, iPhones, iPads might stand in the sale.

Apple Tag tracker is a Bluetooth tracker which uses Ultra-Wideband Technology to track the lost or theft devices. With Tag tracker, the percentage of theft phones may get reduced. Tag Tracker device is a square-shaped device that connects via Bluetooth. You will be able to access and control this device using Find My app on your iPhone, iPad or Mac.

Low-Cost iPhones are the targeted devices set to launch in mid-2020. iPhone SE 2 may cost $400 or less and expected to release by March or April. Those people who are looking for budgeted phones, SE 2 might be the best choice. To grab this offer, keep an eye at Apple.Inc official updates here.

Apple’s Wireless Charger is reportedly mentioned in the rumours and is likely to release the new version of a wireless charger. The features of this device will be similar to the previous model but differ in size. It is not yet confirmed about the release date, so one needs to check for Apple’s latest news.

Compared to old model headphones, Apple is all set to change the trend. Now its time for Apple’s high-end headphones to hit the market soon. The success history in selling the Apple Airpods and its Pro versions has boosted the company to develop its lineup. Kuo’s note about the release is not clear, so consumers need to wait for the official launch.

Finally coming to iPad Pro and Macbook Pro releases, they were not scrolling much in the predictions given by Kuo’s. With a Pro version in all the devices, Apple.Inc is heading up to launch Watch Pro soon. Most of the predictions given about Apple’s products came true until the date. So we can expect these gadgets to beat the official launch at the earliest possible time. It would sound good if Apple upgrades the laptops to the Intel’s 10th Gen.


Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip Price, Specifications, Release Date

At Samsung’s Big Event on February 11th 2020, the company has confirmed to release another foldable phone with a new design. We had already seen the first Galaxy foldable phone last year, but it’s not up to the mark. Latest news revealed that the upcoming foldable phone would not break as the previous one because it comes with clamshell form.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Feb 11th Launch Date

Rumours revealed the pleasing look and the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. We have provocative points to discuss with you people about this foldable phone. Galaxy Flip phone has an ultra-thin glass screen made of diamond crystal and bends half. To prevent the glass from breaking, it should be thin enough. It will be surprising if I say that Ultra-thin glass would be as thin as hair.

Samsung Z Flip foldable phone

For those people who are aspiring to have flip or foldable phones, Samsung serves the best. You might have noticed the 7.3-inch unfold screen in 2019 model, but the latest model comes with 6.7-inch to support easy and flexible folding. When compared to 2019, Samsung’s foldable phone model, Galaxy Z flip will be smaller and lighter. The gazing look of the device will attract the consumers for sure, and it is easy to carry, unlike the old model.

If you people are disappointed about Galaxy Fold, the latest Z flip will make you feel excited. The size of Samsung’s old model of the foldable phone might be weird, but this model can easily fit in your pocket.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Price- $1,400(Expected)

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

  • The size of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is 6.7 inches made of Ultra-thin glass with the folding feature.
  • It is provided with 2636 X 1080 pixel resolution.
  • Has Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus Chipset processor.
  • Runs with 8GB RAM and has 256GB Internal Storage.
  • The charge of the device lasts a day as it is provided with two batteries, one with 900mAh and other with 3300 mAh battery.
  • Can charge your device with a wireless charger.
  • Consists of 12MP main Rear Camera, 12MP Ultrawide Rear Camera and 10 MP Front-facing Camera.
  • Available in Black and Purple colours.

According to the latest news, the Galaxy Z Flip will be on sale from Feb 14th 2020 for $1,400. This mobile will have sales, particularly for AT &T users for some days. With a Clamshell design, the device might cost $1400 or less.

When unfolded, you could see all the notifications and applications on the screen. When you fold it, you will be able to see the time, battery percentage, music on display. Compared to other foldable phones, Samsung’s Z Fold could be the cheapest one. However, one needs to wait for the official launch to know more details.


Car Thing- Spotify Smart Assistant for cars

A device called Car Thing to connect and stream music while driving came into existence in 2019.

In May 2019, we heard that Spotify is publically testing their voice-controlled smart assistant for cars. It was designed to stream music while driving. They also mentioned that a few premium users would get Spotify device for free.

Spotify Car Thing

Spotify Car thing works when you connect its plug into 12V outlet and to your phone via Bluetooth. Like how you use Ok Google for Android users, you can activate it, saying “Hey. Spotify”. After activating it, one can request whatever they would like to hear. Once you connect your mobile phone to Spotify, you can access the playlist. This device will let people know how to listen to their favourite music with ease. User can turn ON/ OFF the playlist using a voice command instead of looking for each track. It can not only be used as a car thing but also as a smart home speaker.

Spotify Car Thing

This device is a test to learn how Spotify offers an in-car experience. It was said that the car thing would be available to selected users only. Spotify car thing device has a circular screen on one side and extended series of buttons on the other side to access playlists. From May 2019 to till the date, the users who have taken car thing device to test it; did not reveal its review. It is not yet known why the device is not into the market. And the reviews about this gadget were not in the news or any social networking sources. Spotify has shared an image and the features in last May but did not disclose any new in-between.

Later in September 2019, Spotify released user manual to give a best glance at the device outlook. It has an adaptor to connect the device to power. Not only Bluetooth connection, but the user can also use Aux cable.

When Car thing was first introduced, Spotify said that it was a prototype and not intended for the customer’s usage. The idea was to test the device and take it to the selected users. Spotify added that Car thing would help in future innovations and other streaming products. Since May, users are excited to use this device in their cars. But unfortunately, Spotify Car thing is not meant for user usage.

After the release of Spotify Car thing user manual, we did not hear any more from them. As of now, the name of this gadget is revolving around, and consumers are looking for good news.


Apple Watch Pro version Releasing soon

You know why most of the Apple products have ‘Pro’ tag at the end because it reveals the advanced features of the device. Apple. Inc has released various types of gadgets like mobiles, iPod, smartwatches, and more. Apple did not limit the word ‘Pro’ to any of its products. You might have seen Pro versions in smartphones, Macbook and iPads, but this time its Apple watch Pro. Yes, you heard, right. Apple.Inc is going to release SmartWatch Pro soon. Imagine an Apple Watch Pro and what would be the additional featured added to it.

Apple adds various features every year, and now users are expecting additional notifications to see on their wrist. With the inspiration of Swiss Watchmakers’, Apple could lead the name Pro to offer best feature watch. And later it can provide affordable watches without a compass and mobile phone support. These days users are tending towards the new series of gadgets. The world of smartwatches is increasing, and you were now able to find various products in the market. But the craze for Apple watches can never be overwritten by any other devices. Even though Apple watch stands at the top, the company comes with multiple series yearly.

Apple Watch Pro

You might have noticed different types of iPhones, iPods, AirPods, and iPads. When compared to standard versions of Apple products, Pro version costs high. The pro version of Apple products will have additional features that are not present in the generic releases. When the new models come into the play, the company sells the older versions at lessened prices. From years, Apple Watch is the top list of smartwatches where no other competitor was able to beat them.

Apple Watch Pro

Apple Smartwatches reveal the luxury, but this time, the company wants to increase its sale with the basic version. However, one needs to wait for the official App Watch Pro release date to know its specifications and features. The brand new Apple Watch Pro was expected to be available in gold colour with a five-figure price tag attached to it. As the upcoming Apple Watch is designed to be affordable for all the customers, the pro model will have huge sales.

To know the exciting prospects in Apple Watch Pro, you need to wait for the release. The cut-price watch will set the trend of Apple watch and bring never expected sales to the company. However, the design will be the same, but the variation comes in its features. As of now, Apple. Inc did not announce the release date. Once we get notified about the features and availability, you can access the related information here.

Ctrl+D to bookmark us for latest updates and news with regards to Apple Watch Pro.


SONOFF 5V Wireless USB Smart Adaptor- Socket US

It is the trend of smart devices ruling the world. Did you miss anything from the list of smart devices? Have you seen USB Desktop Fan or lamp or water pump or WiFi?

Here is another smart home device called SONOFF 5V Wireless USB Smart Adaptor from ITEAD Studio Sonoff family. This smart adaptor can easily charge your device, unlike other adaptors. To those people who want to make the smart home, SONOFF 5V smart adaptor is the best choice. It comes up with unexpected features like adding WiFi connectivity option. The smart adaptor is a unique way to connect or make any data transfers. With this latest model, you can experience the voice command feature too. Let’s get into specifications of SONOFF 5V wireless USB Smart Adaptor stated below.

SONOFF 5V Wireless USB Smart Adaptor


Here is the smart USB product that differs entirely from other plugs available in the market.

  • Power Input- 5V/ 2.5A USB type
  • Output 5V/ 2.5A USB type
  • Has power, WiFi LED’s switch button
  • 802.11b/g/n, WiFi 4@2.4GHz

smart adaptor


  • You can remotely control smart USB devices using your smartphone.
  • Turn on lamps or desktop fan using voice command feature. So you can turn off a lamp right from your bed.
  • Arrange a scene to turn on/ off multiple devices.
  • No worries for overcharge when you have Sonoff USB Smart charger because its keeps your device safe after 100% charge.
  • All the members of the family can have access to the same USB smart adaptor.
  • Using your smartphone device, you can check the real-time device status.
  • You can even control devices when there no WiFi access.
  • Easy to plug, play and enable home automation.
  • Indicates WiFi LED pairing and ON/ OFF buttons on the smart USB adaptor.
  • Easy to carry wherever you go as it can fit into your pocket.
  • This smart USB adaptor is highly durable, flame retardant, and heat resistor.

SONOFF Micro 5V Wireless USB Smart Adaptor Release Date

ITEAD Sonoff has not yet announced the release date of SONOFF Micro-5V Wireless USB Smart Adaptor. But users can pre-order it from the official Website. It costs $6.49 and is currently accepting pre-orders from the users. If you don’t want to miss the deal, book it now.

ow to pair SONOFF 5V USB smart Adaptor with Smartphone?

You can easily connect the smartphone device with USB Smart Adaptor using the official application.

  • Download and install the Mobile application from the Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Now power ON the adaptor and connect your smartphone to it.
  • Open the app and scan the QR code to connect with USB adaptor.
  • Now enter WiFi SSID and password so that pairing process will be completed.

Samsung Galaxy A71 Price, Specifications, Release date

Samsung mobiles have never-ending craze in the market and users are always looking for great deals. With a change in technology, mobiles with the different features are getting released. The upcoming Galaxy, A series from Samsung Electronics company, is Samsung Galaxy A71. To know more about this mobile, you need to scroll down and check the specifications stated below.

The enhanced features like long-lasting battery, smart camera, soothing visual experience etc. will grab your attention.

Samsung Galaxy A71

Samsung Galaxy A71

Price– $419.60(Expected)



The size of Galaxy A71 is 6.7 inches, and it comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 3.


This time, four cameras came into the play. Yes, you heard, right. Samsung Galaxy A71 comes with four rear cameras and front camera. The primary camera can capture vivid shots with 64MP and gives the best output. The Ultra-Wide camera in Galaxy A71 has 123-degree lens, and it turns on automatically when taking a wide shot. The Macro camera helps you to focus an object into crystal clear and give the best images. The Depth camera adds Live Focus effects to your picture.

You will never compromise using Samsung Galaxy A71 phone because it comes with best camera features. This mobile can capture selfie images using 32 MP rear camera with unexpected quality.


Samsung Galaxy A71 comes with super AMOLED Plus edge to edge Infinity O display. It has come up with a 6.7-inch display to give the best visual effect. Watching a movie or playing your favourite will offer you a large screen experience.


The upcoming Samsung Galaxy A71 comes with 4,500 mAh battery feature so you will not need to worry about using it continuously. Unlike other phones, you need not charge all the time because Samsung Galaxy A71 can withstand a day. It has a fast-charging feature, so you need not worry about charging the mobile.


You can choose 6 GB or 8 GB RAM, and it comes with 128 GB Internal storage. Galaxy A71 memory has Micro SD slot and can be extended up to 512GB.


Samsung Galaxy A71mobile is available in Silver, Blue, Pink, and Prism Crush Black colours.

Additional Features

Samsung Galaxy A72 has Dual SIM slot, On-Screen Fingerprint, Face Recognition features. Works on Android v10 Operating System with Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 chipset. It weighs 179 grams so you can easily handle your mobile without any hassles. The screen resolution of this device is 1080 X 2400 pixels, i.e. simply an eye feast to users.

Samsung Galaxy A71 Release Date

The wait has now come to an end because Samsung Galaxy A71 will be released soon. Samsung Galaxy A71 Release date is expected to be on 29th Jan 2020. So let’s wait for the official release of this fantastic mobile by Samsung company. Once the company announces the release date, you can get them from the online and offline stores. When compared to other smartphones available in the market, this series looks comparatively different. If you want to know the camera features and the working of Galaxy A71, purchase it in the nearest stores.

So, wait for the release date, and we will notify you when the company announces it. There may be changes in the price mentioned here, so don’t stick to the same. Bookmark us, and you will be notified when the official release happens.