BlackBerry and TCL to break their Partnership this year

On December 21st 2016, BlackBerry and TCL entered into a long-term license agreement. Their agreement has got a deadline on which TCL will break their partnership completely. The main reason why BlackBerry cannot stand alone is that it takes the hardware from other sources. With its software and TCL hardware support, BlackBerry got sales in the market.

BlackBerry and TCL Partnership ends

BlackBerry phones will soon disappear because TCL got to end their partnership by August 31st, 2020. After the date mentioned, TCL will not manufacture BlackBerry handsets. Previously it was Nokia, and HMD global made a deal and finally ended their partnership. Now, its TCL and BlackBerry to move apart by closing their deal. TCL will provide support to the existing BlackBerry devices up to August 31st.

With the support given by TCL, BlackBerry brand has got some ample time to stand in the market.  But now there is no second option for the company other than shutting the production for some days. TCL announced it earlier because the users should have an idea of what’s happening and need not get panic. Users who are looking for license support need to manage it before the end date.

We don’t know the reason behind breaking their partnership this earlier. KeyOne and similar phones got sufficient sales in past years but not up to the mark. TCL might have decided to end the deal because it’s not worth continuing. No other company will invest when it doesn’t get expected sales. And the device from BlackBerry brand does not meet the high profile device which TCL is planning. Due to these consequences faced by TCL, it might want to discontinue partnership with BlackBerry. If you are willing to upgrade your BlackBerry device, take some time to work on it. You still want it even if the support from the company is denied; you can upgrade now. For any support to existing BlackBerry users, TCL will be available to handle them till August 31st 2020.

BlackBerry may make money through licensing or tie-up with any other smartphone makers. This process may take some time; meanwhile, BlackBerry phones will be disappeared. Alone BlackBerry can’t stand in the market without hardware support from another manufacturer. BlackBerry needs to make a shift because the usage of these phones is comparatively less. But it may take too long to start something new. However, BlackBerry will not shut down its sales completely. Hope the company will make a comeback with unexpected deals in future.


Apple offers iPhone repairs at your house in some US Cities

An iPhone user will know how hard it is to visit the Apple store every time for repairs. Sometimes the issue will end up in hours and other times it lasts for days. Time is not a constraint but rushing to the store is something beyond testing the user’s patience. For those who live nearby Apple store, it’s not a big deal. What if I say, you can get the door to door iPhone repairs? Yes, you heard, right. Apple is now offering iPhone repairs right from your place in some US cities.

iPhone repairs at home

Till today, Apple has a list of services offered by them, but this time, they came up with something new. As for how you pay to an offline visit, you need to spend some amount on a house visit. If you have Apple care for your device and you need not pay any amount. Other than Apple Care iPhones, every device will have its charge based upon the issue.

Now it became much more comfortable for iPhone users to solve any issues at your doorstep. Whenever you come across any iPhone repair, call upon the customer service number and assist the engineer in reaching your location. Now you don’t need to plan time for visiting your nearest Apple stores. The technician can solve all the common repairs like glass issues, battery replacement, not working issues and others. Any repair that can be processed at onsite will be processed in minutes. So you don’t need to worry about your iPhone.

People from Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Houston, Chicago, Dallas can use this service now. If the issue looks slight difficult, they will take your device to the store or leave undisturbed(It is based on what you choose). Apple has added this facility in its service options. So you can book for a technician online and ask them to visit your area. The company got clubbed with Go Tech Services in order to serve people offline. This service is under its control so you will be asked for onsite visit fee if you choose the technician to visit home.

If you don’t want to step out of your house and sole your iPhone issue right from where you are; choose this service. Request for a home visit by scheduling your time so that technician can come to your place and repair your iPhone. Remember that you will be charged for the repair cost and visit fee.


Amazon Echo Show devices can Scan Product Barcodes now

Good News for Amazon Alexa Show device users!!

You can now scan the barcodes of your grocery items using Amazon Echo Show 5 and Show 8. Amazon has enabled this feature on January 31st 2020, so now you can add items to your shopping list by just scanning the codes. Amazon always looks for the flexibility of customers and makes things easier. This feature will help people having vision issues to scan the codes instead of entering them manually. Though blind people unveil the code with touch, this feature can be an add-on for them.

Amazon Exho Show

In 2014, a Physical scanner was released for Prime Fresh Customers, i.e. Dash Wand. And the same turned into a new model device with voice feature called Alexa Voice. It is not the first time for Amazon to release Barcode scan, but this time it has come up with an updated version. You can add any items found in your kitchen by scanning their barcodes. It feels much convenient for Alexa users to list out their shopping items now. This time, you need not about the out of stock items because you will be notified in the shopping list.

Writing down all the list of items a time-waste task and you will miss some essential items. Using this feature, you can scan the items in your kitchen whenever you feel like buying it. For example, If you are out of dishwashing liquid, just scan the barcode present on it. So that it will be added to your shopping list and you will not forget any grocery items. If you have an idea of how to use Alexa, then it will be much easier to handle things.

Amazon Echo Show device can take up all the barcodes that you want to shop. To get started, you need to say “Alexa, Scan XXXX(item name) to my shopping list. To take the barcode, you need to hold the product code in front of Alexa’s camera. Now show the barcode so that it should be able to accept it. Alexa does it easier for you, so you need not worry about missing items.

In future, we may see devices like Alexa ruling the world with its best feature called voice calling. Apart from these voice shopping will become an easy way to buy everything you need. Recently, Alexa has got the ability to set the alarm for a specific device using voice. With these features, I hope Amazon will have unlimited sales this year.


AbleGamers can use Power Wheelchairs as Game controllers using Xbox Adapter

The AbleGamers Charity, an American nonprofit organization, has formed to enable the disabled people to play video games and improve their accessibility. Now, Xbox has taken a step forward to help the disabled people enjoy gaming with the help of its new Controller. Till the date, the AbleGamers was struggling to manage playing video games. With the new Freedom Wing Adapter, they can turn the Power Wheelchairs to Game Controllers. This new technology will support them to play video games with ease.

Freedom Wing Adapter

If you have a Power Wheelchair, then you can turn it to a gaming controller. The enthusiastic ATMakers produced the Freedom Wing Adapter to enable easy gaming. The company will sell Printed Circuit boards for $7, and the gamers can build the adapter on their own using the required materials. Overall it costs around $35 to complete the build. AbleGamers COO Steve Spohn said that the printed board has nine-pin connectors to connect the device to the Wheelchair. It has 19 jacks and two large programmable buttons connected to joysticks, to enable easy playing on Xbox one. Able Gamers can apply for a grant to get the Freedom Wing Adapter on AbleGamer’s Website.

Freedom Wing Adaptor- Xbox Controller

They have also enabled this device to work with Nintendo Switch Consoles. The high demand from AbleGamer’s for The Freedom Wing Adapter, the grant program is running queue system. The access will be given based on the order of the grant requests. The company accepts requests based on a first-come-first-served basis. This queue will be applicable only to those people needing financial assistance. If you don’t have financial aid, you can directly consult AbleGamers through the official website.

It doesn’t mean that you have to disconnect Joystick to use this Controller. The Freedom Wing Adapter can feed the information sent by the Wheelchair controller into Xbox Adapter. Now, you have a precise video game controller than can be used alongside any other buttons attached to the Xbox Adapter. It is not sure that every power wheelchair will work with FWA. So if your Wheelchair is not compatible with the Freedom Wing Adapter, you cannot use this device.

The company joined with various organizations like The US Department of Veteran Affairs to provide the aid to get FWA units. The ATMakers are reportedly working behind to make FWA amenable with multiple devices. It’s time to apply for AbleGamers grand now so that you can get one before it gets out of stock.


Microsoft to give $20K for finding bugs in Xbox Live

Microsoft is interested to hear a security hole in Xbox Live, and you will be rewarded.

A new bug-finding programme is live now, and you will be given $20K as prize money for unveiling one. The task is mainly focussed on detecting a security hole in the Xbox live. Based on the severeness in the issue, how you explain its root causes, the company will reward you.

Alert, this is a serious program conducted by Microsoft to look after the serious security mistakes in Xbox Live. The reward will not be processed if you don’t have a proper report on the issue behind. It might be a code error or security flaw or any other related one, do report it to the company. Come up with a different kind of issue but not the same one they are looking into.

The Xbox live Bounty Programme by Microsoft welcomes gamers, security issue researchers, code error finder to help them in solving hidden issues. Don’t pen the same story which the company is familiar before. Only worthy flaws on Xbox Live and services will be highlighted and rewarded. One can even report the old vulnerabilities that are still causing errors.

Microsoft Bug Bounty Programme- $20,000 Reward

Other than shit reports, each and every report given by the users will be taken into consideration. The small vulnerabilities earn small and amounts and vice versa.  Qualified reports will be rewarded from $500 to $20,000 or more depending on the issue. Either you should have knowledge about video gaming or Xbox gaming to report, or you should be a researcher. These two people will have a complete idea about the Xbox Live so they can relate it easily.

To get started, register in the program by clicking on the Signup option on the Xbox network. A researcher can create multiple accounts for revealing an issue. The company will not provide any premium account access to the users to get started, so you need to plan on your own. Your findings can be submitted to the MSRC Submission portal so that the company will have a glance at it and revert if needed.

Remember that Microsoft Bounty Programme rewards are applicable when you come up with a severe issue only. These issues include security threats, information exposure, spoofing, code attacks or DDoS attacks,  or any other problems out of scope. Microsoft offers bounty rewards to the qualified user, and the others will receive a public acknowledgement.

Security researchers can earn up to $300,000 for Azure Bug Bounty Programme.


Reservations for Samsung Galaxy S20 are open now, get yours

A minute late to reserve will miss your Samsung Galaxy S 20. Yes, the brand new model Galaxy S20 is going to be released soon. Instead of Pre-order, reservations are up for this model. In the upcoming event on February 11th, the company might unveil the device officially. This is not the same as pre-order, you need to reserve your ticket for Samsung Galaxy S20 by providing your details. If the company runs short of supply, you may miss getting yours. So make your time to pre-order by reserving your Galaxy S20 now.

Samsung Galaxy S20

As the sale is live now, you can order it before someone stands in the line. You may get your Samsung Galaxy S20 delivered by March 6th. It is just a kind of information about the availability, but one cant expects it before or after the date mentioned here. In addition to this model, we are expecting Galaxy S20 plus and S20 Ultra too.

Reserve your Samsung Galaxy S20 Now

Consumers are requested to visit the official registration page to stand in the pre-order line. Be first to experience the new era of Galaxy- Samsung Galaxy S20. To get it, Signup the pre-order page by entering your name, email, and Zip Code. Select your preferred carrier, i.e. Unlocked or Verizon or AT & T or T- Mobile or Sprint or US Cellular. Hitting the reserve button after providing the required details so that you are done with pre-booking your Galaxy S20.

Reserving your Galaxy S20 is now like placing an order, and you are guaranteed about the supply. Only if you stand in the top list of users submitting the reservation, you will get it. This will be like “The first reserve, first serve”. You will get an email after reserving your ticket for Samsung Galaxy S20. You can check out the mention added to the sale, “Expected delivery while supplies last”. And the lucky user will get $35 for instant credit towards eligible devices and accessories for reserving Galaxy S20 device earlier.

At Samsung’s Biggest Event, we can have a glance at the Galaxy S20 series of phones to be unveiled. Galaxy Flip Phone is another interesting gadget to be recorded in this meet. Any interested consumers can register on Samsung’s official website and grab an opportunity to win Galaxy S20 in the sale. To get it without any server issues, reserver it now. is the official page for Samsung Galaxy S20 reservations.

Hurry up! Book yours.


So sad, No New Nintendo Switch Release this year

This time Nintendo punched the excitement of users with its sad news. After Nintendo Switch Class and Swith Lite, it was Switch Pro in the queue. Its been rumoured about the launch of the new Nintendo Switch Pro model in 2020, but unfortunately, no plans for this year.

No Nintendo Switch Pro

Nintendo Switch Pro adds tough competition to Play Station 5 and Xbox Series X if released this year. Don’t know why Nintendo is still on the old versions and not moving forward to the rage of those two. Nintendo sold 52 million units since 2017 and got roaring success, but nothing seems to change. News about Nintendo Switch Console to enter mass productions were just a myth now.

Compared to the previous models, the Pro model is introduced with Powerful CPU and high resolutions. In the discussion about Corporate Management Policy Briefing, Furukawa spoke about the New Animal Crossing Branded model. CEO and President Furukawa concluded that there were no plans to launch a New Model of Nintendo Switch.

Furukawa told, “According to the conventional wisdom for dedicated video game platforms, Nintendo Switch should be entering the midway phase of the hardware lifecycle,”. “But we believe we have built a foundation on which we can pursue further growth opportunities for Nintendo Switch.”

Nintendo Switch, upgraded to Lite last year with good battery life and proficient version of Nvidia chip. With the release of Switch in 2017, the company got happy clients. The improved Lite version got a sufficient number of users tending towards it.

Furukawa told, we believe that it is important to continue to communicate the appeal of both Nintendo Switch systems and expand the installed base. Please note that we have no plans to launch a new Nintendo Switch model during 2020

This doesn’t mean, there are no Switch models completely, but it may take some time. It depends upon the Switch sales this year; the company might release Pro models in coming years. Nintendo lovers have no more options other than using the two Switch models release in 2017 and last year.

If the sales for the two Nintendo Consoles go good, we may hear about the launch of the Pro model. Releasing the new model may reduce the price for existing Nintendo Switch models. There is no detailed information about Nintendo releasing the Pro Version of Switch console by the end of this year. Don’t know, if Furukawa would surprise the consumers with the unexpected launch.


Amazon’s Ring security camera company sued by a Mississippi family for harassing their kids.

Amazon's Ring security camera company sued by a Mississippi family for harassing their kids.Amazon is suing by a Mississippi family whose Ring camera was hacked by hackers. As hackers harassed their children, they lost trust in Ring cameras.

A Mississippi family installed a ring camera in their bedroom to give fresh eyes on their children. After a few days of installing Ring’s camera in their bedroom, suddenly, the speaker started up speaking to the eight-year-old girl. Also, calling her racial slur as stating himself as Santa Claus and intended to misbehave.

Hackers used cameras to have two-way talk functions on the devices to wake people up and watch unsuspecting children through the internet-connected cameras.

Ring cameras are being as prey for hackers as easy to communicate and watch. Last week a hacker hacked a Ring’s camera and talked to children as there is leakage footage of hackers talking and harassing the eight-year-old girl who was scared and where the noise is coming from.

After investigation of these incidents and haven’t found any indication or clue related to this case. As hackers using the stolen usernames and passwords as a technique known as credential stuffing. Connecting to Ring’s camera from anywhere is the feature that the company promotes, and it is only available for the owner and the people they choose.

As police have access to Ring’s cameras and there are no records of how many times they access to Ring’s cameras. This has been suspected by the Lawsuit.

Ring’s suggestion to its customers’s not to reuse the passwords as the customers change their passwords on a regular basis. And to activate two-factor authentication, as a process that requires additional information to login into user ID, as verification code sent to the registered mobile number to log in.

Ring’s reminding the customer to set up two-factor authentication on their devices to stay away from hackers. But Ring’s expecting consumers to take all these precautions on their own works. And customers to create strong passwords. The menu to activate two-factor authentication is found in the Ring app by tapping the icon in the upper-left corner, tapping the account, and turning it on via the Enhance Security menu. You will have to enter a phone number where the code can be sent and enter the 6-digit number.

After enabling the two-factor authentication, hackers may have passwords but not the code, which is necessary to log in, which is sent to the user’s trusted device. As per the recent study, one-third of the Americans have used two-factor authentication, and more than half never used and heard about it. Also, Ring’s stated that more additional security features updates to be given further.


Avast’s subsidiary company shut down and caught Red-handed for data harvesting.

Avast’s subsidiary gets shut down after caught Red-handed for data harvesting.Avast, a leading antivirus software company, has shut down its subordinate company- Jumpshot. It was exposed that it was harvesting client’s private data and selling it to advertisers. It came out as a shock, and everyone was left mouth-hanging. It is a matter of privacy, which is a legal and fundamental right of every individual. Breaching the contract with clients, they came under fire after they were caught red-handed. Avast’s CEO, Ondrej Vlcek immediately came out in defense and apologized. Informing that it’s the subsidiary company is now being terminated from immediate effect.

He said that protecting people were and will always be their main priority, and they will not compromise on that. Along with the board of directors, they have come onto a decision to shut down the subsidiary company. Jumpshot’s all data collection and operation will cease to exist from now on.

Apart from his clarification on breach of data, there was not a report on the company’s employees. Will they lose their jobs or not? It is not clarified.

It was all revealed by ‘MOTHERBOARD’ and ‘PCMAG’ investigation. They jointly investigated and exposed them. Jumpshot used to collect data from Google searches, location lookups, visited URL along with precise time stamps. In the name of providing your computer safety, they were stealing personal information. Sometimes they had gone to extreme lengths and also used to take the specific searches made on porn websites.

Although Avast’s CEO, Mr. Vlcek, claimed that no individual’s identity would be revealed, MOTHERBOARD claimed otherwise. They told the experts that this is also possible in some cases. Jumshot use to sell the individual’s private data to its clients. Google, Yelp, Microsoft, and Pepsi. Jumshot use to collect data from over 100 million devices. Later, Jumpshot used to pack all this data into different products, one of which is ‘All click Feed,’ which allows its clients to see all user clicks on the individual domain. Jumpshot was getting paid in millions of dollars for its data.

After announcing that they are shutting Jumpshot, Mr. Vlcek defended the way his company used to collect data, he wrote in his blog post. He also stressed that Avast and Jumpshot used to operate differently and as independent companies. They also claimed that they act totally and under legal bounds. They have committed themselves to 100 percent GDPR compliance- he further wrote.


Apple is Redesigning Its Maps with Updated features.

Apple, the world’s topmost leading gadget manufacturing company, has announced that it is redesigning the maps for everyone. Apple launched its own Map App in 2012. But now they are calling out for a more detailed and structured view on the Map. Right now, the facility is available only for USA residents. However, they promised that a Map was coming for entire Europe in the later months of this year.


The new Maps will have a more detailed and in-depth view of buildings, malls and stores, parks, hospitals, and more. It is now appearing in bits in the USA. This has been going on from the last several months in the US. The senior vice-president of internet software and service of Apple, Eddy Cue, said that now the maps will be available for all the world, but the date is not confirmed. But they are coming to Europe this year for sure.


Further, he said that Apple Maps would create the best and private Maps on the planet that is reflective of how people explore the world today.


Apple launched its own Maps App after Google, it’s rival company. They started it in 2012 named as ‘Look Around.’ Right now, the redesigned maps are available in the New york city, the San Fransisco bay area, Los Angeles, las vegas, Houston, and Ohio.


The Maps app is the default map system of iOS, macOS, and watchOS. It provides excellent care as directions and estimated time of arrival for mobile phones, public transport, and pedestrians. They are clearly giving high competition to Google and have planned this since 2018. The Maps for the US are complete and will roll out later this month for the southeastern US. Apart from Europe, Germany, Canada, and Australia are also in mind.


One of the most unique and new features on the redesigned App is that now people will be able to create and share a list of favorite locations using a feature called ‘Collections.’