BlackBerry and TCL to break their Partnership this year

On December 21st 2016, BlackBerry and TCL entered into a long-term license agreement. Their agreement has got a deadline on which TCL will break their partnership completely. The main reason why BlackBerry cannot stand alone is that it takes the hardware from other sources. With its software and TCL hardware support, BlackBerry got sales in the market.

BlackBerry and TCL Partnership ends

BlackBerry phones will soon disappear because TCL got to end their partnership by August 31st, 2020. After the date mentioned, TCL will not manufacture BlackBerry handsets. Previously it was Nokia, and HMD global made a deal and finally ended their partnership. Now, its TCL and BlackBerry to move apart by closing their deal. TCL will provide support to the existing BlackBerry devices up to August 31st.

With the support given by TCL, BlackBerry brand has got some ample time to stand in the market.  But now there is no second option for the company other than shutting the production for some days. TCL announced it earlier because the users should have an idea of what’s happening and need not get panic. Users who are looking for license support need to manage it before the end date.

We don’t know the reason behind breaking their partnership this earlier. KeyOne and similar phones got sufficient sales in past years but not up to the mark. TCL might have decided to end the deal because it’s not worth continuing. No other company will invest when it doesn’t get expected sales. And the device from BlackBerry brand does not meet the high profile device which TCL is planning. Due to these consequences faced by TCL, it might want to discontinue partnership with BlackBerry. If you are willing to upgrade your BlackBerry device, take some time to work on it. You still want it even if the support from the company is denied; you can upgrade now. For any support to existing BlackBerry users, TCL will be available to handle them till August 31st 2020.

BlackBerry may make money through licensing or tie-up with any other smartphone makers. This process may take some time; meanwhile, BlackBerry phones will be disappeared. Alone BlackBerry can’t stand in the market without hardware support from another manufacturer. BlackBerry needs to make a shift because the usage of these phones is comparatively less. But it may take too long to start something new. However, BlackBerry will not shut down its sales completely. Hope the company will make a comeback with unexpected deals in future.

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