Apple offers iPhone repairs at your house in some US Cities

An iPhone user will know how hard it is to visit the Apple store every time for repairs. Sometimes the issue will end up in hours and other times it lasts for days. Time is not a constraint but rushing to the store is something beyond testing the user’s patience. For those who live nearby Apple store, it’s not a big deal. What if I say, you can get the door to door iPhone repairs? Yes, you heard, right. Apple is now offering iPhone repairs right from your place in some US cities.

iPhone repairs at home

Till today, Apple has a list of services offered by them, but this time, they came up with something new. As for how you pay to an offline visit, you need to spend some amount on a house visit. If you have Apple care for your device and you need not pay any amount. Other than Apple Care iPhones, every device will have its charge based upon the issue.

Now it became much more comfortable for iPhone users to solve any issues at your doorstep. Whenever you come across any iPhone repair, call upon the customer service number and assist the engineer in reaching your location. Now you don’t need to plan time for visiting your nearest Apple stores. The technician can solve all the common repairs like glass issues, battery replacement, not working issues and others. Any repair that can be processed at onsite will be processed in minutes. So you don’t need to worry about your iPhone.

People from Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Houston, Chicago, Dallas can use this service now. If the issue looks slight difficult, they will take your device to the store or leave undisturbed(It is based on what you choose). Apple has added this facility in its service options. So you can book for a technician online and ask them to visit your area. The company got clubbed with Go Tech Services in order to serve people offline. This service is under its control so you will be asked for onsite visit fee if you choose the technician to visit home.

If you don’t want to step out of your house and sole your iPhone issue right from where you are; choose this service. Request for a home visit by scheduling your time so that technician can come to your place and repair your iPhone. Remember that you will be charged for the repair cost and visit fee.

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