Amazon Echo Show devices can Scan Product Barcodes now

Good News for Amazon Alexa Show device users!!

You can now scan the barcodes of your grocery items using Amazon Echo Show 5 and Show 8. Amazon has enabled this feature on January 31st 2020, so now you can add items to your shopping list by just scanning the codes. Amazon always looks for the flexibility of customers and makes things easier. This feature will help people having vision issues to scan the codes instead of entering them manually. Though blind people unveil the code with touch, this feature can be an add-on for them.

Amazon Exho Show

In 2014, a Physical scanner was released for Prime Fresh Customers, i.e. Dash Wand. And the same turned into a new model device with voice feature called Alexa Voice. It is not the first time for Amazon to release Barcode scan, but this time it has come up with an updated version. You can add any items found in your kitchen by scanning their barcodes. It feels much convenient for Alexa users to list out their shopping items now. This time, you need not about the out of stock items because you will be notified in the shopping list.

Writing down all the list of items a time-waste task and you will miss some essential items. Using this feature, you can scan the items in your kitchen whenever you feel like buying it. For example, If you are out of dishwashing liquid, just scan the barcode present on it. So that it will be added to your shopping list and you will not forget any grocery items. If you have an idea of how to use Alexa, then it will be much easier to handle things.

Amazon Echo Show device can take up all the barcodes that you want to shop. To get started, you need to say “Alexa, Scan XXXX(item name) to my shopping list. To take the barcode, you need to hold the product code in front of Alexa’s camera. Now show the barcode so that it should be able to accept it. Alexa does it easier for you, so you need not worry about missing items.

In future, we may see devices like Alexa ruling the world with its best feature called voice calling. Apart from these voice shopping will become an easy way to buy everything you need. Recently, Alexa has got the ability to set the alarm for a specific device using voice. With these features, I hope Amazon will have unlimited sales this year.

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