AbleGamers can use Power Wheelchairs as Game controllers using Xbox Adapter

The AbleGamers Charity, an American nonprofit organization, has formed to enable the disabled people to play video games and improve their accessibility. Now, Xbox has taken a step forward to help the disabled people enjoy gaming with the help of its new Controller. Till the date, the AbleGamers was struggling to manage playing video games. With the new Freedom Wing Adapter, they can turn the Power Wheelchairs to Game Controllers. This new technology will support them to play video games with ease.

Freedom Wing Adapter

If you have a Power Wheelchair, then you can turn it to a gaming controller. The enthusiastic ATMakers produced the Freedom Wing Adapter to enable easy gaming. The company will sell Printed Circuit boards for $7, and the gamers can build the adapter on their own using the required materials. Overall it costs around $35 to complete the build. AbleGamers COO Steve Spohn said that the printed board has nine-pin connectors to connect the device to the Wheelchair. It has 19 jacks and two large programmable buttons connected to joysticks, to enable easy playing on Xbox one. Able Gamers can apply for a grant to get the Freedom Wing Adapter on AbleGamer’s Website.

Freedom Wing Adaptor- Xbox Controller

They have also enabled this device to work with Nintendo Switch Consoles. The high demand from AbleGamer’s for The Freedom Wing Adapter, the grant program is running queue system. The access will be given based on the order of the grant requests. The company accepts requests based on a first-come-first-served basis. This queue will be applicable only to those people needing financial assistance. If you don’t have financial aid, you can directly consult AbleGamers through the official website.

It doesn’t mean that you have to disconnect Joystick to use this Controller. The Freedom Wing Adapter can feed the information sent by the Wheelchair controller into Xbox Adapter. Now, you have a precise video game controller than can be used alongside any other buttons attached to the Xbox Adapter. It is not sure that every power wheelchair will work with FWA. So if your Wheelchair is not compatible with the Freedom Wing Adapter, you cannot use this device.

The company joined with various organizations like The US Department of Veteran Affairs to provide the aid to get FWA units. The ATMakers are reportedly working behind to make FWA amenable with multiple devices. It’s time to apply for AbleGamers grand now so that you can get one before it gets out of stock.

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