Reservations for Samsung Galaxy S20 are open now, get yours

A minute late to reserve will miss your Samsung Galaxy S 20. Yes, the brand new model Galaxy S20 is going to be released soon. Instead of Pre-order, reservations are up for this model. In the upcoming event on February 11th, the company might unveil the device officially. This is not the same as pre-order, you need to reserve your ticket for Samsung Galaxy S20 by providing your details. If the company runs short of supply, you may miss getting yours. So make your time to pre-order by reserving your Galaxy S20 now.

Samsung Galaxy S20

As the sale is live now, you can order it before someone stands in the line. You may get your Samsung Galaxy S20 delivered by March 6th. It is just a kind of information about the availability, but one cant expects it before or after the date mentioned here. In addition to this model, we are expecting Galaxy S20 plus and S20 Ultra too.

Reserve your Samsung Galaxy S20 Now

Consumers are requested to visit the official registration page to stand in the pre-order line. Be first to experience the new era of Galaxy- Samsung Galaxy S20. To get it, Signup the pre-order page by entering your name, email, and Zip Code. Select your preferred carrier, i.e. Unlocked or Verizon or AT & T or T- Mobile or Sprint or US Cellular. Hitting the reserve button after providing the required details so that you are done with pre-booking your Galaxy S20.

Reserving your Galaxy S20 is now like placing an order, and you are guaranteed about the supply. Only if you stand in the top list of users submitting the reservation, you will get it. This will be like “The first reserve, first serve”. You will get an email after reserving your ticket for Samsung Galaxy S20. You can check out the mention added to the sale, “Expected delivery while supplies last”. And the lucky user will get $35 for instant credit towards eligible devices and accessories for reserving Galaxy S20 device earlier.

At Samsung’s Biggest Event, we can have a glance at the Galaxy S20 series of phones to be unveiled. Galaxy Flip Phone is another interesting gadget to be recorded in this meet. Any interested consumers can register on Samsung’s official website and grab an opportunity to win Galaxy S20 in the sale. To get it without any server issues, reserver it now. is the official page for Samsung Galaxy S20 reservations.

Hurry up! Book yours.

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