Microsoft to give $20K for finding bugs in Xbox Live

Microsoft is interested to hear a security hole in Xbox Live, and you will be rewarded.

A new bug-finding programme is live now, and you will be given $20K as prize money for unveiling one. The task is mainly focussed on detecting a security hole in the Xbox live. Based on the severeness in the issue, how you explain its root causes, the company will reward you.

Alert, this is a serious program conducted by Microsoft to look after the serious security mistakes in Xbox Live. The reward will not be processed if you don’t have a proper report on the issue behind. It might be a code error or security flaw or any other related one, do report it to the company. Come up with a different kind of issue but not the same one they are looking into.

The Xbox live Bounty Programme by Microsoft welcomes gamers, security issue researchers, code error finder to help them in solving hidden issues. Don’t pen the same story which the company is familiar before. Only worthy flaws on Xbox Live and services will be highlighted and rewarded. One can even report the old vulnerabilities that are still causing errors.

Microsoft Bug Bounty Programme- $20,000 Reward

Other than shit reports, each and every report given by the users will be taken into consideration. The small vulnerabilities earn small and amounts and vice versa.  Qualified reports will be rewarded from $500 to $20,000 or more depending on the issue. Either you should have knowledge about video gaming or Xbox gaming to report, or you should be a researcher. These two people will have a complete idea about the Xbox Live so they can relate it easily.

To get started, register in the program by clicking on the Signup option on the Xbox network. A researcher can create multiple accounts for revealing an issue. The company will not provide any premium account access to the users to get started, so you need to plan on your own. Your findings can be submitted to the MSRC Submission portal so that the company will have a glance at it and revert if needed.

Remember that Microsoft Bounty Programme rewards are applicable when you come up with a severe issue only. These issues include security threats, information exposure, spoofing, code attacks or DDoS attacks,  or any other problems out of scope. Microsoft offers bounty rewards to the qualified user, and the others will receive a public acknowledgement.

Security researchers can earn up to $300,000 for Azure Bug Bounty Programme.

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