Avast’s subsidiary company shut down and caught Red-handed for data harvesting.

Avast’s subsidiary gets shut down after caught Red-handed for data harvesting.Avast, a leading antivirus software company, has shut down its subordinate company- Jumpshot. It was exposed that it was harvesting client’s private data and selling it to advertisers. It came out as a shock, and everyone was left mouth-hanging. It is a matter of privacy, which is a legal and fundamental right of every individual. Breaching the contract with clients, they came under fire after they were caught red-handed. Avast’s CEO, Ondrej Vlcek immediately came out in defense and apologized. Informing that it’s the subsidiary company is now being terminated from immediate effect.

He said that protecting people were and will always be their main priority, and they will not compromise on that. Along with the board of directors, they have come onto a decision to shut down the subsidiary company. Jumpshot’s all data collection and operation will cease to exist from now on.

Apart from his clarification on breach of data, there was not a report on the company’s employees. Will they lose their jobs or not? It is not clarified.

It was all revealed by ‘MOTHERBOARD’ and ‘PCMAG’ investigation. They jointly investigated and exposed them. Jumpshot used to collect data from Google searches, location lookups, visited URL along with precise time stamps. In the name of providing your computer safety, they were stealing personal information. Sometimes they had gone to extreme lengths and also used to take the specific searches made on porn websites.

Although Avast’s CEO, Mr. Vlcek, claimed that no individual’s identity would be revealed, MOTHERBOARD claimed otherwise. They told the experts that this is also possible in some cases. Jumshot use to sell the individual’s private data to its clients. Google, Yelp, Microsoft, and Pepsi. Jumshot use to collect data from over 100 million devices. Later, Jumpshot used to pack all this data into different products, one of which is ‘All click Feed,’ which allows its clients to see all user clicks on the individual domain. Jumpshot was getting paid in millions of dollars for its data.

After announcing that they are shutting Jumpshot, Mr. Vlcek defended the way his company used to collect data, he wrote in his blog post. He also stressed that Avast and Jumpshot used to operate differently and as independent companies. They also claimed that they act totally and under legal bounds. They have committed themselves to 100 percent GDPR compliance- he further wrote.

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