Amazon’s Ring security camera company sued by a Mississippi family for harassing their kids.

Amazon's Ring security camera company sued by a Mississippi family for harassing their kids.Amazon is suing by a Mississippi family whose Ring camera was hacked by hackers. As hackers harassed their children, they lost trust in Ring cameras.

A Mississippi family installed a ring camera in their bedroom to give fresh eyes on their children. After a few days of installing Ring’s camera in their bedroom, suddenly, the speaker started up speaking to the eight-year-old girl. Also, calling her racial slur as stating himself as Santa Claus and intended to misbehave.

Hackers used cameras to have two-way talk functions on the devices to wake people up and watch unsuspecting children through the internet-connected cameras.

Ring cameras are being as prey for hackers as easy to communicate and watch. Last week a hacker hacked a Ring’s camera and talked to children as there is leakage footage of hackers talking and harassing the eight-year-old girl who was scared and where the noise is coming from.

After investigation of these incidents and haven’t found any indication or clue related to this case. As hackers using the stolen usernames and passwords as a technique known as credential stuffing. Connecting to Ring’s camera from anywhere is the feature that the company promotes, and it is only available for the owner and the people they choose.

As police have access to Ring’s cameras and there are no records of how many times they access to Ring’s cameras. This has been suspected by the Lawsuit.

Ring’s suggestion to its customers’s not to reuse the passwords as the customers change their passwords on a regular basis. And to activate two-factor authentication, as a process that requires additional information to login into user ID, as verification code sent to the registered mobile number to log in.

Ring’s reminding the customer to set up two-factor authentication on their devices to stay away from hackers. But Ring’s expecting consumers to take all these precautions on their own works. And customers to create strong passwords. The menu to activate two-factor authentication is found in the Ring app by tapping the icon in the upper-left corner, tapping the account, and turning it on via the Enhance Security menu. You will have to enter a phone number where the code can be sent and enter the 6-digit number.

After enabling the two-factor authentication, hackers may have passwords but not the code, which is necessary to log in, which is sent to the user’s trusted device. As per the recent study, one-third of the Americans have used two-factor authentication, and more than half never used and heard about it. Also, Ring’s stated that more additional security features updates to be given further.

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